How To Download The Latest UFS Micro HWK Setup And Install

The new ufs micro hwk setup has become a very small size file i.e less than 10mb. I am talking about the latest version i.e launched in July 2014. All other old setups will not install as they are outdated. Earlier in the entire setup there were many files. You had to first install the support suite, than the major setup and then three minor setups one by one.


ufs hwk micro box

Things have changed a lot in the new setup of the year 2014! You now have to download a single file and install the UFS panel. You will need an internet connection for at least 1 hour if your internet speed is fast. The new setup is more like a web installer file where you run the setup and it automatically downloads all the files and gets installed.


You can download the latest UFS HWK setup launched in March 2014 at

Latest UFS (HWK) Panel Setup Download 2014


So now after downloading the software, you can easily install it. Most people find it very difficult to install because they don’t know the proper steps to do it!


Follow the steps below to successfully install the new UFS Micro HWK Setup:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions. You must uninstall HWK Suite before uninstalling HWK Support Suite Setup.
  2. Install the latest panel at UFS_PANEL_2.3.0.6  (2.06 Mb).
  3. Now connect your UFS box before running the UFSx Control Panel.
  4. It will ask for driver. Give it from this location C:\Program File\Sarasoft\Phoenix\Products\UFS\UFS USB Driver.
  5. Run UFSx Control Panel.
  6. Now, click on the “Hardware” Tab.
  7. Now click on ‘Scan Box’ to check if your box is detected properly.
  8. Now click ‘Check Box’.
  9. Click ‘Update Box’.
  10. Click ‘Check Box’ – Make sure it shows ‘Box Status’ as ‘True’ and not ‘Bad Software’ and server status as ‘Support Ok’.
  11. Now click to the ‘Software’ Tab.
  12. Click ‘Check Server’.
  13. Click ‘Install’.


The control panel will now start downloading and installing the software. It will take a lot of time as there are more than 1000 files that will be downloaded and installed.


So wait and have patience. The time it will take depend on your internet connection. If it stops downloading, you can close and open the control panel again and continue from where it stopped.


When it completes, you can start using your box and start flashing!


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Disclaimer: Although we always try to give the best and working software setups, we do not guarantee the compatibility or accuracy of any of the downloads and installation methods. So use them at your own risk!



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