What Is Flashing? How To Flash A Mobile Phone?

Want to know what is flashing and how to flash a mobile phone. Read further to know all about it.mobile phone flashing

Flashing means reinstalling the operating system(OS) of the cell phone. In this process, we erase the entire OS and install a new OS. This will repair any problem that was there before due to the OS being corrupt.

The signs of any problem in the software of a mobile phone are as follows:

  • Slow processing
  • Frequent freezing or hanging
  • Sometimes, your handset may not switch on if its OS become corrupt.
  • Restarting automatically or switching off automatically frequently.

Before flashing it is better if we simply format it from the settings option to see if the problem has been solved.


Tools and other things required for flashing:

  • Computer
  • Flasher Boxes / Special Software
  • Flash file(Also known as firmware)


Here is the list of tools/softwares required for flashing different brands of mobile phones:

  • Nokia: UFS Micro Box / JAF Box / ATF Box / Many other flasher boxes
  • Samsung: UFS Micro Box / Z3X Box / NS PRO Box / Odin Software(For Android)
  • Iphone: Itunes software
  • Blackberry: Blackberry Desktop Software
  • Sony:
  • LG: Z3X Box for LG
  • China/ Chinese Mobile phones: Avator Box / Piranha Box/ Volcano Box / Miracle Box / Many other software boxes.

You can learn to flash a Nokia mobile phone with UFS Micro box by reading Nokia UFS Micro box flashing guide.

.To learn flashing of Samsung mobile phone with UFS Micro box, please read Samsung UFS Micro box flashing guide.

All these boxes come with their setups which you have to install. You will have to give the firmware file and just click on the ‘start’ or ‘flash’ or ‘write firmware’ button.

Note: Flashing a mobile phone will delete all the user data, so please make a backup of all the essential data like contact numbers, images, videos, etc before proceeding.

You may also like to learn how to flash a particular brand of handset with a particular box. Please read the tutorial and guides below for the entire guide to go about it.

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