Nokia 100 Latest Flash File Download – RH-130

Nokia 100 latest flash file download direct without waiting. This firmware is the  latest version (3.60) and good as well as working software setup. This low price series 30 Nokia model of cell phone comes in DCT4 group. It contains all the 3 files required for flashing it i.e mcu, ppm and cnt. The mcu is the main file of the software, the ppm is for language and the cnt contains wallpapers, games, logos, etc. This file has English and Hindi language.


nokia 100 flash file


All the required files are compressed in rar format to make them compact and easily downloadable. This is a small size file, so it can be downloaded very easily. Please use winrar or any rar extractor software to open the files and use them for flashing the mobile phone.


Click below to download the Nokia 100 (RH-130) flash file


Nokia-100-RH-130-flash-file  (3.43 Mb)


Read our UFS Micro Box Guide For Nokia to learn how to flash a Nokia mobile phone with UFS Micro Box. Flashing is required to repair any software related problem like hanging, switching off automatically, booting problem, contact service, etc.


For flashing a Nokia mobile, you will need a flasher box. You can use UFS Micro, JAF, ATF(Advanced Turbo Flasher, Cyclone Box or any other flashing box made for Nokia.


By flashing (reinstalling the software), you can repair any software related problem like dead, hanging, restarting, contact service fault, etc


Note: Flashing erases all data, so please take a backup of all the data inside the mobile phone.


Disclaimer: Although we always try to give the best and working flash files and firmwares, we do not guarantee the compatibility or accuracy of any of the files. So use them at your own risk!


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