How To Remove Virus From A Mobile Phone

It is very easy to remove virus from a mobile phone, when your device gets infected by any virus. There are simple procedures to follow to scan and remove viruses from any gadget like a cell phone or a tablet.

mobile phone virus removal


First of all you have to verify whether it is actually infected or not. This can be found by common symptoms and signs that indicate the presence of a virus or a ‘badware’.


The most common signs of a virus being present in a mobile phone are:

  1. Slow Functioning: Your entire handset will become very slow. If you open the menu, it will load after 2-5 seconds. Also all the softwares and apps will take double the time to open. In short, your handset will suck!
  2. Frequent Freezing: Your device will freeze very frequently. It will get stuck all of a sudden and hang. You will need to restart your handset and sometimes it will not even switch off. You will need to remove the battery and insert it again and then start your device.
  3. Switching Off Automatically: Many a times, your device will switch off automatically without informing. This will happen for more than 3-5 times a day!
  4. Restarting: Sometimes instead of switching off automatically, it will restart frequently.
  5. Not Booting Properly: Sometimes, the virus can corrupt the OS very badly, so much so that your cellular phone will not boot properly i.e it will display a blank screen or it will get stuck at the logo when switched on. It will not proceed further.
  6. Failure Of Some Apps: Some of the applications will not function properly.


Depending on the type of the virus, we will try to repair the damage. The repairing procedure should be step by step, so as to preserve the data present.


virus alert


Virus Removal Steps:
Step 1: Install a good repute antivirus, update it and then scan the entire phone memory as well as the MMC card. If there is any ‘malware’, get it cleaned or deleted. If the fault prevailing gets solved here you are the most lucky person! Or else proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Try by resetting the phone to its original settings. This option is available in all phones in the settings menu.

Step 3: If the problem is not resolved, you will have to format (hard reset) the entire phone and the memory card. In most phones, this option to format is available in the settings menu. For Samsung phones, including Android ones, you can simply format by typing *2767*3855#. This will format the phone memory (internal memory). Now you will have to format the memory card (MMC) as well, because the virus may have spread to it also.

Step 4: Most of the virus related problems will get solved by now. But some virus even corrupt the OS as well. In such cases, the problem doesn’t get resolved even after formatting. It will get repaired only after flashing your mobile phone.


remove cell phone virus



If you have the backup of all the important data present inside, you can simply format the handset as well as the memory card to remove all the infections. Here, the important thing is we have to try to prevent data loss, if there is no backup of the data.



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