How To Remove Virus From A Mobile Phone

It is very easy to remove virus from a mobile phone, when your device gets infected by any virus. There are simple procedures to follow to scan and remove viruses from any gadget like a cell phone or a tablet.

mobile phone virus removal


First of all you have to verify whether it is actually infected or not. This can be found by common symptoms and signs that indicate the presence of a virus or a ‘badware’. Continue reading

How to protect a mobile phone from virus?

Learn how to protect a mobile phone from virus.. A virus can infect your gadget the same way that it infects your computer. It will do the same damage like what a computer virus can do! It becomes very difficult to operate when it gets infected with any malware, spyware, trojan or any other virus whether it is an android, Apple iphone, Blackberry or any other smartphone or a tablet. It freezes your handset, makes it slow, sometimes makes it switch-off automatically or even restarts your handset. In other words, you will really get frustrated when it happens! It is important to clean your infected phone from all badware before it spreads and wrecks havoc.


mobile phone virus

Learn To Protect Your Mobile Phone!

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What are the most common software faults in mobiles

So what are the most common software related faults in mobile phones? Read further to know all about it!

The mobile phone’s software can get corrupted anytime, sometimes without any valid or proper reason! It is very difficult to understand its functioning and processing. The most common reason can be through virus coming into your gadget from the internet or from a virus-infected MMC i.e memory card.

common mobile phone software problems
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How To Format A Mobile Phone

Learn how to format a mobile phone. First of all you need to understand that formatting in mobile phones means just deleting the user data i.e images, videos, songs, contact numbers, etc which you have saved in the phone memory. In cell phones, formatting will not touch the OS(operating system). Unlike computers, where you have to reinstall the entire operating system like Windows, your operating system will remain intact.

format a mobile phone

In mobile phone repair terminology, flashing (and not formatting) means reinstalling the OS! It is called flashing in which you reinstall the OS.

Formatting a cell phone is required when it is infected by virus. Continue reading